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March 31 – Earth Hour and Sustainable Pickering Day

Today is a big day if you’re a sustainability booster like me.  Nation-wide, at 8:30 pm, the collective lights will go out as Canadians celebrate Earth Hour.  But more on that in a bit.  On a more local scale, Pickering is celebrating their Sustainable Pickering Day, an annual, day-long celebration of all things green in […]

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My Sustainable Day-Cation in Pickering: Day 5 of 5

One of the most inspiring things for me to see as I travel around and learn about all the great innovations and sustainable actions taking place in the GTHA is the role that can be played by businesses.  There is a growing case to be made that sustainability and reducing one’s impact on the natural […]

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Poll: Where Should my Next Day-Cation Be?

Well, now that my first Sustainable Day-Cation is coming to a close, it’s time to start looking into the future and deciding where I should go for my next trip. I went out to the eastern end of the GTHA with my last trip, so this time I’m looking to go west! So what do […]

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My Sustainable Day-Cation to Pickering: Part 4 of 5

This week we’ve been focusing heavily on a lot of the physical infrastructure that is making Pickering a more sustainable place to live. The great addition of the bridge to the Go Station, Pickering’s City Hall retrofits and the great sustainable place-making that is going on all across the City have provided an inspirational beginning […]

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My Sustainable Day-Cation in Pickering: Part 3 of 5

It takes a lot more than a fancy bridge and an energy-efficient city hall to make a City more sustainable. And while the things that I highlighted in my first two posts about Pickering are undoubtedly improving the sustainability of the City, it is the efforts being undertaken by municipal staff and community members to […]

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My Sustainable Day-Cation in Pickering: Part 2 of 5

Yesterday I talked about Pickering’s new Go Station and the way it connects the City to fast, accessible public transit.  Today, I take you across the Bridge, past Town Centre and into Pickering’s City Hall. Walking across the bridge is, as I mentioned yesterday, a pretty neat experience.  Being 30 feet above the roar of […]

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Follow us on Twitter!

Hey folks, I just wanted to encourage you, now that the blog is live, to Follow us on Twitter!  Our Facebook account is under a little bit of maintenance, but as soon as it’s up and ready to go, I’ll let you know, but for now, to get updates regarding all the Green news in […]

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My Sustainable Day-Cation in Pickering: Part 1 of 5

One of the things we will be doing here on the blog is focusing in on our partner municipalities for a week-long, 5-part series which aim to explore some of the sustainability highlights throughout our region. This week, we’re proud to present the first of these Day-cations as I head to Pickering, Ontario. Part 1 […]

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We’re LIVE!

Well, after several weeks of toiling away, it’s finally time to get this thing started! Here at Clean Air Partnership, we’re very excited to enter into the social media world to provide residents of Ontario with a one-stop-shop where they can see all the fantastic actions being undertaken in the GTHA to reduce energy use, […]

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