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Rapid Transit Redux

Earlier this week, we looked at the Pembina Institute’s report “Fast Cities” on how the largest cities in Canada are improving their transportation ventures to include different forms of active transportation like rapid transit. But what exactly is rapid transit? In our last post, we just examined a short summary of the “Fast Cities” report […]

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York Region and its Great Streets

Great news coming out of York Region! York Region is introducing the Designing Great Streets initiative, which shifts the street designs in the region away from strictly automobile uses. An initiative five years in the making, this shift in design will allow the roads to adopt more active forms of transportation such as bicycling and […]

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My Sustainable Day-Cation in Oakville Part 5: The Transportation Cocktail

In 2011 at TCAT‘s Complete Streets Forum in Toronto, the closing keynote speaker, Michel Labrecque, delivered a talk that really resonated with me.  He spoke of the importance of appropriate transportation, of choosing the mode that best suited the purpose of the trip, and he called this Le Cocktail Transport, the Transportation Cocktail.  He spoke […]

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Jane’s Walk on Two Wheels – The Burlington Bike Ride Experience

For those that don’t know, the first weekend in May every year is set aside as a tribute to prominent urbanist Jane Jacobs.  All around the world, people pay tribute to Jacobs in a fashion befitting her legacy; by experiencing the communities in which they live on a human scale.  Jane’s Walks are organized all […]

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The Complete Streets Movement Gains Ground in Ontario

For the past 75 years, North American cities have undergone a radical transformation.  Most of the shift that has been seen has come about as a result of one invention: the automobile.  As cars have become ubiquitous in North American Culture, they have brought with them increased mobility, a sense of freedom and, my personal […]

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