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Have You Pledged Your Support Yet?

If you had an extra 32 minutes a day, how would you spend it? That’s the question being asked by the Your32 Campaign. Even though our population numbers in the GTHA has increased dramatically, increases in our transportation options haven’t . Led by the Greater Toronto Civic Action Alliance, the Your 32 Campaign hopes to […]

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My Sustainable Day-Cation in Mississauga Part 6: Hurricane Hazel Goes Electric

There’s noticeable butterflies in my stomach. I haven’t been this nervous about meeting someone for quite some time, but then again, I haven’t met anyone as instantly recognizable as her since I ran into Rick Mercer back in my University days. I’m about to have a sit-down with the GTHA’s rock star, the indomitable Mayor […]

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My Sustainable Day-Cation in Burlington Day 4: Trash!

Trash.  Junk.  Garbage.  Everyone knows it’s there, but nobody wants to talk about it.  Well, that’s all changing in Burlington.  They want everyone to talk about it.  They want everyone in the City to come out and join their Community Clean Up and Green Up event, coordinated by BurlingtonGreen  this Saturday, April 21st.  They want […]

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My Sustainable Day-Cation in Pickering: Part 2 of 5

Yesterday I talked about Pickering’s new Go Station and the way it connects the City to fast, accessible public transit.  Today, I take you across the Bridge, past Town Centre and into Pickering’s City Hall. Walking across the bridge is, as I mentioned yesterday, a pretty neat experience.  Being 30 feet above the roar of […]

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