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Community Energy Planning – Why? The Better Question is Why Not?

With renewable energy becoming more productive and less costly, with storage of electrons becoming something that doesn’t have to be dealt with via 12 Volt batteries, how we generate and distribute energy will likely be very different in the years ahead. Our municipalities plan our communities and while past municipal energy planning may have been […]

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Putting a Price on Carbon

We know we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in order to act on our climate change challenges and opportunities, we know we can and need to do more and a lot faster than we have been moving in the past. Now the more important question is how best can society do that? Climate […]

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Green Infrastructure in the City Video Series

We at Clean Air Partnership are big fans of Green Infrastructure, huge fans in fact… That is why we wanted to give a shout out to the new video series released by the Green Infrastructure Ontario (GIO) Coalition. The three-part “green infrastructure in the city” series covers a range of topics related to living green […]

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Why Account for the True Costs of Energy???

Energy use is an integral part of our lives. Whether heating our homes in winter, cooling them in the summer, keeping our lights on so that we can read until the wee hours of the night, or powering our factories to manufacture goods; energy drives our economy and greatly supports our quality of life. Unfortunately, […]

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Weather Active App Seeks Testers

The Clean Air Partnership is helping Toronto Public health test out their soon to be released Weather Active mobile app and is seeking 6 – 8 testers who use either an iPhone 4 or higher or an android phone to join us for a small gathering where we will get the group to download the […]

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Natural Capital and Why it Matters

Healthy ecosystems provide fertile soil, clean water and air, as well as natural resources such as timber and food. They help protect us from floods and the spread of diseases and also help moderate complex climate and hydrological systems. These and other “ecosystem services” are fundamental to our survival. Natural capital is the land, air, […]

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Weather Gone Wild Documentary Airs October 23rd @ 9 pm.

As you may have heard, Weather Gone Wild, a new documentary about surviving the superstorms that come with climate change, premieres Thursday, October 23 at 9 p.m. (9:30 in NL) on CBC Television’s Doc Zone. Weather Gone Wild is about adapting to the “new normal” of extreme weather.  Climate change is bringing more flooding, more […]

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Rapid Transit Redux

Earlier this week, we looked at the Pembina Institute’s report “Fast Cities” on how the largest cities in Canada are improving their transportation ventures to include different forms of active transportation like rapid transit. But what exactly is rapid transit? In our last post, we just examined a short summary of the “Fast Cities” report […]

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Pembina Institute: Fast Cities

A new study from the Pembina Institute shows that investing in public transit is essential for any city to reduce the gridlock their streets face and for commuters who have no access to cars to conveniently travel around their city. But as the report shows, not all transit systems are built equal. The report examines […]

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“Fall” into Green Events

September is one of those months that signifies a variety of change. September starts off a new season, the school year, everything pumpkin, and more importantly, great eco events. To help celebrate a new month, why don’t we look at a few upcoming green events from organizations such as Sierra Club Ontario and LEAF. Here […]

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