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Path to Healthier Air

Considering that Toronto is Canada’s largest city, and the fourth largest city in North America, issues such as clean air requires room for research and discussion, as the city continues to grow both in human and vehicular populations. A study by Toronto Public Health titled “Path to Healthier Air” highlights the importance of continued research […]

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Earth Hour 2014: Do the Green Thing

With Earth Hour less than 3 weeks away, Do the Green Thing is participating in Earth Hour by creating and releasing an eco poster every day until March 29th. This is something that the London-based publisher has done last year also and the posters they created for 2013’s Earth Hour were just as rad. To […]

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Ohita: Clean Air On The Go For Commuters

For city dwellers, commuting can often be a stressful experience – overcrowding, transit delays, traffic, are just some of the issues commuters face. But one of the biggest issues that city dwellers experience when commuting is poor air quality. Enter the Ohita, a portable air purifier, designed by industrial design student Jorge Alberto Treviño Blanco. […]

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