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The Clean Air Partnership is a registered charity, founded in 2000. Our mission is to work with partners to achieve clean air, facilitate the exchange of ideas, advance change and promote and coordinate implementation of actions that improve local air quality.

Ohita: Clean Air On The Go For Commuters

For city dwellers, commuting can often be a stressful experience – overcrowding, transit delays, traffic, are just some of the issues commuters face. But one of the biggest issues that city dwellers experience when commuting is poor air quality.

Enter the Ohita, a portable air purifier, designed by industrial design student Jorge Alberto Treviño Blanco. The idea behind Ohita is attributed to the fact that as a child, Mr. Blanco suffered from asthma attacks brought on by smog and air pollution. Jorge Blanco designed the Ohita, a small, diamond-shaped device to filter the air in urban settings through the use of bamboo charcoal inside the device.

According to Jorge, the Ohita provides “high quality air” while you move about in your urban environment. The aim of the Ohita is to improve the local air quality that you’re breathing in, and can keep you informed about the air you’re breathing. The Ohita can be controlled via smartphone, and this high-tech device can provide feedback on the air quality and the toxins and levels of particulate matter that are floating in the air through an app in your smartphone.

Unfortunately, the Ohita is still just a concept, but it’s proving to be quite a successful one as it was recently named as a semifinalist in the 2013 Electrolux Design Lab competition. Let’s hope that Jorge Alberto Treviño Blanco can eventually build this from its conceptual stage, as I know I would love to have one for my daily commutes.

You can check out more of Mr. Blanco’s submission to the Electrolux Design Lab competition and the design of the Ohita below.

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