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My Sustainable Day-Cation in Pickering: Part 2 of 5

Yesterday I talked about Pickering’s new Go Station and the way it connects the City to fast, accessible public transit.  Today, I take you across the Bridge, past Town Centre and into Pickering’s City Hall.

Walking across the bridge is, as I mentioned yesterday, a pretty neat experience.  Being 30 feet above the roar of traffic on the Highway of Heroes below is pretty surreal.  Once you reach the end, you have the choice to turn West towards the new LEED Silver Office building / Durham and Centennial College campus, head straight into Pickering Town Centre or go East down the stairs and towards Pickering’s City Hall.  I opt for the latter path, and heat northeast towards City Hall.

Pickering City Hall from the Roof of the nearby Recreation Centre

Pickering’s City Hall is located less than a 10 minute walk from the Go Station, and in the beautiful sunshine, that walk seems  to go much faster.  Approaching City Hall, you wouldn’t guess that the building, which boasts an impressive brick facade, houses an impressive number of leading-edge sustainable features.  Boasting an energy efficient HVAC system, energy-efficient lighting and an automated water-cooling system, City Hall reduced its emissions by 500 tonnes annually, earning it a top 3 finish in the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority‘s Town Hall Challenge, which recognizes municipalities for their leadership in energy and water conservation in their municipal buildings.  Pickering was recognized for their efforts in reducing the energy use in their Civic Centre, which includes City hall and the City’s Central Public Library.

Pickering’s City Staff have accepted the sustainability challenge whole-heartedly, Embracing the Smart Commute program by increasingly using carpooling and active transportation to get to work. It certainly seems that staff enjoy being a part of Pickering’s journey towards sustainability, as every staff member I talked to really seemed to be excited about where the City was heading with regards to their diminishing environmental impact.

Pickering Staff embracing active transportation to get to work!

It’s hard not to share their excitement, especially when you see the kinds of sustainable community spaces that the City has been creating over the past few years.  But those are a topic for another day.  Tomorrow, specifically.

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