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Path to Healthier Air

Considering that Toronto is Canada’s largest city, and the fourth largest city in North America, issues such as clean air requires room for research and discussion, as the city continues to grow both in human and vehicular populations. A study by Toronto Public Health titled “Path to Healthier Air” highlights the importance of continued research […]

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Reflecting Back on Earth Day

With another Earth Day having come and gone, it is perhaps good time to reflect on how Earth Day has evolved throughout the years and why it is still an important annual event that should have more recognition. Earth Day, while celebrated annually on April 22nd, was originally supposed to be celebrated on March 21st. […]

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Spring into Environmental Events

With the Spring season finally in fully swing, this week, we at Clean Air Partnership will be focusing on Earth Day which is happening tomorrow (April 22nd). This article will highlight some great green events happening this week in celebration of Earth Day, as well as other green events happening during the rest of the […]

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