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My Sustainable Day-Cation in Mississauga Day 5: Going Car Free in Mississauga

Whew! It’s already been a whirlwind tour through Mississauga, seeing everything from their exciting new transit plans to their built-to-LEED Silver standards Garry W. Morden Centre to the amazing O’Connor Park, and now it comes down to the final day. Now my original plan was to write about Mississauga’s new AutoShare Program, their electric vehicle […]

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It’s always better to share: The Community CarShare Program

Parents everywhere have been teaching their kids the universal lesson: it’s always better to share.  Yet somehow, as we grow up and grow older, we tend to forget that lifelong lesson.  It becomes an increasing drive to have things that are yours and yours alone.  And while having something that belongs solely to you can […]

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