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Oakville’s Sustainable Building Designs

The town of Oakville has been making headlines recently for the town’s transit building receiving a LEED Silver certification from Canada’s Green Building Council. Started in 1993, LEED is an acronym that stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design,” which is a rating systems that determines a building’s “design, construction, operation, and maintenance.” This means that any residential, commercial, or industrial building can become LEED certified. The benefits of having a LEED certified building are:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Higher asset values
  • Conservation of water and energy
  • Healthier and safer environment for occupants
  • Reduction of Greenhouse Gases emissions
  • A demonstration of an owner’s commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility

So it comes with great news that Oakville’s Mayor Rob Burton was able to present a LEED Silver certification plaque to the town’s new Oakville Transit building on April 29th, 2014. This transit building is the second town facility in Oakville to receive a LEED certification from the Canada Green Building Council. Oakville received a LEED Gold certification in 2012 for the town’s Sixteen Mile Sports Complex.

Oakville’s commitment to “adding facilities and green buildings” that are LEED certified is, according to Mayor Rob Burton, “reflect’s the town’s dedication to sustainability practices that enhance our environment and reduces operational costs.” The town’s transit building received its LEED certification by optimally utilizing “energy performance, storm-water management, water use reduction, ozone protection, light pollution reduction, water-efficient landscaping, indoor air quality, green housekeeping and for having bicycle storage and changing facilities to support alternative transportation.” The features that this LEED certified building doesn’t just stop there. Much like Oakville’s LEED Gold certified building, the Sixteen Mile Sports Complex, this transit building also has its own significant features. These are:

  • This building hosts the town’s first geothermal heating and cooling system
  • The pavement surrounding the facility is permeable reducing storm-water runoff by 50 per cent
  • This building also hosts an underground stormwater tank that is capable of holding 1000 litres for bus washing purposes
  • Spaces for bicycles and car pools to promote alternative forms of transportation
  • Landscaping that are drought-resistant native plants to reduce the demand of watering

This transit building design is part of Oakville’s “Livable Oakville Official Plan” and their “Sustainable Building Design guidelines” which came into effect in 2009 that states that any new town buildings that are over 500 square metres in building area must be designed so that it is capable of achieving a LEED Silver certification. This is great news for Oakville as it continues to grow and adapt to urban and cultural demands and yet remains faithful to the town’s environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Though this article has highlighted Oakville’s two town buildings that are LEED certified, Oakville is home to at least 10 other buildings in the categories of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional that are LEED certified, further highlighting Mayor Rob Burton’s words that Oakville is a town committed to sustainable practices. To read about Oakville’s sustainable green building plans, a link can be found below for the town’s designs and report. Let’s hope that Oakville continues this practice of adding more LEED certified buildings, and in the meantime, let’s all celebrate Oakville’s commitment to our natural environment through the public display of their town’s buildings and sites.

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