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Doors Open to Reducing Our Ecological Footprint….

Throughout the year, but especially in the coming summer and fall months, Ontario communities host Doors Open events that allow folks to explore normally hidden away cultural architectural gems within their community. During Doors Open days, buildings that are normally closed to the public or charge an entrance fee, allow visitors to come in and browse around for free. Most buildings are heritage buildings, but increasingly there are many buildings focusing on protecting our natural heritage too.

The Township of Georgian Bay is the first stop at our look at green buildings being promoted during Doors Open Ontario. One of the six Muskoka municipalities, the Township of Georgian Bay’s Doors Open event is taking place on May 19th. So if you’re looking for something to do this upcoming long weekend (Victoria Day – May 20th) and you are in the Georgian Bay hood then consider a trip to the Township of Georgian Bay Doors Open festival. While you are there be sure to check Severn Lodge.


Over the years, Severn Lodge has taken action to reduce their ecological footprint. Here is just a sneak peek at some of their green actions:

  • Food from their menu is either harvested from their own local organic vegetable and herbs garden (grown onsite) or supplied through local pesticide free suppliers.
  • Energy conservation is important to Severn Lodge, using LED bulbs or energy efficient bulbs in all their guest suites and main buildings, and all appliances are Energy Star rated.
  • Water conservation is achieved via low flow faucets, shower heads, and toilets.
  • Severn Lodge grounds are maintained with eco-friendly slow release organic fertilizers; fertilizer run-off is prevented by not fertilizing areas near the shoreline; and Severn Lodge’s many gardens are all planted with indigenous native plant species.

Doors Open Ontario is a great opportunity for citizens to explore their local community’s heritage and cultural hidden gems. Just as important, Doors Open Ontario is a great platform to showcase buildings that have realized the importance of environmental stewardship and have taken steps to reduce their ecological footprint and protect Ontario’s cultural and natural heritage.


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