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Speak Your Green Cents

The City of Vaughan is working with the community to develop their sustainable future direction and are always seeking input and opportunities to better integrate sustainability into their planning, decisions and actions. To further these goals Vaughan is working on two projects as part of its  Green Directions Vaughan, the City’s Community Sustainability and Environmental […]

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Burlington’s Got Community Energy

Burlington is looking for ways to better plan their community’s energy needs via the development of their first Community Energy Plan (CEP). Burlington’s CEP identifies areas where energy efficiency and conservation can better be improved and will also help the city recognize ways to generate local energy, preferably from renewable sources, and how they can […]

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It’s Waste Reduction Week in Canada – how are you reducing waste?

Originally posted on HaltonRecycles:
Designers and labels get Fashion Weeks in cities around the world. The entire movie industry gets two weeks in Toronto every September. But they have nothing on the most important five days on my calendar: Waste Reduction Week in Canada. From October 21 to 27, 2013, Canadians are invited to join…

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Neighbourhood Wood

With the Autumnal Equinox just a few days behind us, the Fall Season is now in full swing. As we leave September behind and welcome in October, the City of Toronto in partnership with LEAF and other non-profit environmental organizations is hosting an exhibition for homeowners, businesses, and institutions to learn how they can utilize […]

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Autumnal Green Events

The month of September usually evokes certain emotions or images. For some, it’s the return to school, for others, it’s the feeling that fall is just around the corner. Often, for most people, September is a busy month as we transition from the lazy, warm summer months to the cooler, but still very pretty, autumn […]

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Towards A Greener Community

While York Region is busy with transforming their streetscape for more active forms of transportation, Richmond Hill has been just as active in developing a new environmental strategy. Known as Greening the Hill, this environmental strategy hopes to improve air quality, protect water resources and promote efficient development. According to Richmond Hill’s environment strategy and […]

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York Region and its Great Streets

Great news coming out of York Region! York Region is introducing the Designing Great Streets initiative, which shifts the street designs in the region away from strictly automobile uses. An initiative five years in the making, this shift in design will allow the roads to adopt more active forms of transportation such as bicycling and […]

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Moving Our Cities: TCAT and Cycling

Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT) recently released a video that explores the “history of, differences in, and future of on-street cycling infrastructure in the downtown cores of Toronto and Montreal”. The goal of the video is to inspire cities to create more dedicated space for cyclists and inform viewers on differences in the cycling planning […]

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Rain Gardens: A Guide to Colour, A Guide to Wildlife

Originally posted on Green Venture's Blog:
Building rain gardens is a truly wonderful way to minimize the amount of storm water runoff that ends up in to the sewers, and consequently in the Hamilton Harbour.  Strategically placing them in down-sloped areas or underneath downspouts is ideal for limiting the amount of runoff from your…

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Have You Pledged Your Support Yet?

If you had an extra 32 minutes a day, how would you spend it? That’s the question being asked by the Your32 Campaign. Even though our population numbers in the GTHA has increased dramatically, increases in our transportation options haven’t . Led by the Greater Toronto Civic Action Alliance, the Your 32 Campaign hopes to […]

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