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Union Gas Goes Gold with Burlington Regional Centre

Natural Gas is often seen as a more environmentally friendly source of heat, and with good reason.  Natural Gas produces 28% less CO2 per BTU (British Thermal Unit) than oil, and 44% less CO2 than coal.  In addition to releasing less CO2, Natural Gas also produces far lower emissions of sulfur and nitrogen dioxides, particulate matter and mercury than burning coal or oil.  As a cleaner burning fossil fuel, the use of Natural Gas may prove to be a key step as we move towards a greener economy.

With all of Natural Gas’ environmental benefits, it only seems to make sense that the utility companies responsible for its delivery to our homes also have a sense of environmental stewardship.  That is why Union Gas has constructed their Burlington Regional Centre to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) Gold Standards.

Native Trees reflect off of the Burlington Regional Centre's windows

In order to achieve LEED Gold certification, the Regional Centre had to be designed with multiple facets of sustainability in mind.  The result was a building that consumed fewer resources during every step of its life cycle to date.

The path to LEED Gold starts with the construction of the building, requiring the builder to minimize construction waste.  In building the Burlington Regional Centre,70% of construction waste was recycled, thereby keeping tons of useful materials out of the landfill.

Union Gas' Burlington facilities in the springtime sunshine.

The most significant element of a building that strives for sustainability, however, is its operation.  By utilizing cogenerating technologies to produce heat and electricity at the same time, rainwater utilization for the facility’s toilets, natural lighting enhancements, state of the art building automation systems and other innovations, the building as a whole now consumes 53% less natural resources than an average building.  The cogeneration system is actually so efficient that Union Gas often ends up selling electricity back to the local grid, making even more of an economic case for efficiency.

In addition to the LEED Gold Centre in Burlington, union Gas has already constructed two additional LEED Gold facilities in Kingston and Windsor, and has made sustainability a top priority as they move into the future.  For more information on Union Gas’ Burlington Facility, click here.  For more information on Union Gas and Spectra Energy’s Sustainability Program, click here.

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