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In Markham, Success Grows on Trees

On December 5, 2006, Newly elected Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti outlined a bold plan: to see 75,000 trees planted in Markham by the end of 2010. This ambitious target would see more trees planted in 4 years than were planted in Markham in the previous decade, and it would have been very easy for more pessimistic members of the community to dismiss this as another political catchphrase without any real teeth.

Instead, the Mayor and his team showed a genuine dedication to the Trees for Tomorrow project, dedicating a significant amount of time and resources to making sure that their lofty goals were achieved.  Funding was established to assist community groups pay for trees to plant throughout the town, and partnerships were built with the York Region and LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests) to provide financial assistance to residents who wished to plant a new tree in their backyard.

Through outreach and education, the Town started to get excited about seeing thousands of new trees in their community.  Hundreds of volunteers came out to plant new trees at community events, corporate partners like TD Friends of The Environment Foundation joined in, and the community started to see more and more trees in the ground.  The program was so successful that in May of 2010, the Trees for Tomorrow team ecstatically announced that they had already seen over 125,000 trees planted in Markham, and expected to plant an additional 5,000 by the end of the 2010 planting season.

Town staff and volunteers celebrate at one of the many Trees for Tomorrow community planting events

By the time the program’s mandate was up, the Town of Markham had planted close to 130,000 new trees in only 4 years.  But rather than being content to have that success under their collective belts, the Mayor announced that the Town’s goal for the 2010-2014 council term was to plant 90,000 more trees.  And with the support of an enthusiastic community, a solid base of volunteers and a council that is showing a dedication to greening their operations across the board, there is little doubt that they will surpass that target as well.

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